Hello, I am Vita Gong, welcome to visit my personal homepage (VITAGONG.COM). Vita Gong is a qodo person,Zhong-zheng and Ping-he, Qing-xin and Ben-fen. Here you will get a comprehensive understanding of me. My idea, my story, my dream and my life's career.

What kind of epitaph for me?

The only one word:QODO.A word: Find the way. This is my own, a word, this faith I end all to the life.

Vita Gong life mission: QODO buddhist scriptures, enlightened. Learn: experience meaning and life space. Way: in Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, his philosophy of life, thinking of the experience in life touched by the people power.



Meet more convenient life diversification, the ego style reveal personal interest and creativity to realize.


How to QODO?

Taste exalt affluent life, design classic fashion life.


QODO career.

Mr Vita Gong is the core of the MW brand creation, a steady stream of inspiration for fashion upstart daily life to provide better services, MW and improve people's quality of life always been connected and adhering to the "for customers as much as possible they can afford, advanced design, good quality, complete function of goods" business purposes, efforts to create customer and social interests as the center of the mode of operation, is committed to environmental protection and social responsibility issues.

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Inspirational "MW" system was published in 2014, it provides the elaborate design of purchasing plan to meet the different needs of each class, at the same time increased the exciting new content, you can browse for more pictures, video, and the third model to design the solution, based on the understanding of living habits and requirements, MW designers categories is rich, different styles of products for customers to find the best product portfolio.